Timesheet Management System


Excellent system for every organization where a significant size of team working in a distributed and collaborative arrangment of project implementation and goverance setup. One member assigned to multiple projects leads to complexity in accurately managing daily feed of timesheet entries against each project and underlined tasks.

Ease of feeding timesheet entry is the only key to achieve simplicity in further governance. This tools comes bundled with a simple and easy to use mobile app for iOS and Android phones. All features are lised below.

What makes it different from other timesheet tools?

  • MOBILE APP (Android & iOS) for making daily timesheet entry
  • MULTI_CLIENT and MULTI_VENDOR model of resource management
  • Multi CURRENCY support
  • Resource deployment for limited time period
  • Client wise COST calculation based on resource deployment
  • Profile wise RATE CARD management
  • SOW enforcement on timesheet entry
  • Location wise LEAVE management
  • Attendance verification while approving timesheet (optional)
  • SDLC phase management and phase wise task allocation
  • Resourse UTILIZATION chart

Why do you need this system?

To understand the importance of this tool you may ask following questions to yourself  and probably you will get a better answer that we can provide.

  • Are you working on a project in which team consists of members from multiple vendor/supplier companies? If yes, how do you collect timesheet entries on daily basis?
  • Are you using excel sheet for managing timesheet entries for your resources? If yes, how much time and effort does it take to collect hours from all vendors or resources and submit a consolidated report to your manager?
  • Are you able to compare actual hours of efforts your resources are putting in projects with hours being billed to your clients?
  • If you are a client and multiple supplier companies are engaged with you on T&M / Managed Service model, how do you make sure that resources are not over / under utilized?
  • If you are a client for some vendors and are also a vendor for some clients, do you use a single platform to manage timesheet entries for both side engagements?
  • How do you manage to analyse location wise revenue being generated on daily basis?
  • Do you have dependency on your team members to build, compile and present all key reports to you on weekly / monthly basis? Do you think you wish to access all such reports on real time?
  • Is information security a big concern to you and you wish to have all information to be secured in your own data center?

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