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Auction Management System

  • Schedule Auction Event and Invite Participants
  • Forward & Reverse Bidding
  • KYC Enforcement on Participants
  • Digital Signature of KYC (On Demand)
  • Auto Biding - Bidder can set maximum bid and let the system bid on their behalf
  • Indicator to show Winning or Loosing status
  • Increment / Decrement - Auctioneer can set increment / decrement value for every next bid
  • Auto entension of bidding time on last minute bid submission
  • Masking of bids
  • Limit bidding and bidders
  • My Bids - Bidders can see their bids and how are they doing
  • Total or Items Wise Result calculation on Auctioneer choice
  • Sealed bidding
  • Auctioneer Dashboard and Charts

User Management

  • Manage Participants
  • Manage Departments
  • Department Admin and User Management
  • KYC approval to enable bidders to enter into Auction Event


  • Email alerts to participants on invitation
  • Email alerts to Auctioneer when bidder accepts invitation
  • Announcement Alert to Bidders
  • Regisration confirmation and email verification


Customisation of Auction Management System as per your requirement is always possible. Please call us or contact us for a demo.